green earth

It's trendy to be green but we like the idea simply because it makes sense!
Located in the beautiful Northwest we strive to practice sustainable
manufacturing policies that reduce the demand on Earths resources.
We take pride in our diverse products and designs while maintaining a strong conviction to building a better, more sustainable future.


Talk about using the most of what you've got- efficiency is among our top
contenders for lightening our footprint. We gain flexibility and efficiency by
optimizing the use of our materials through computer technology; more parts and less waste add up to savings for you and less trips to the dumpster for us.
Now that's worth a click of the mouse by any measure!

Quality to lastquality

Not only do we get a kick out of building some really cool stuff but we take special pride in knowing what we build will last for generations to come. And while this alone is worth the endeavor it tickles us pink to know that our quality materials and construction methods result in products that are more sustainable over the long haul. The result- reducing the amount of "stuff" we leave behind.
Locally sourced

Sourcing our materials locally helps us (and you) shrink our carbon footprint. We don't like the idea of purchasing from Timbuktu; we prefer to save the fuel burn and keep our business in the NW helping funnel money and business into local enterprises and communities.

Minimum waste

As an environmentally conscious company, it is our responsibility and pride to offer a line of Green friendly materials as well as recycle manufacturing waste including wood, plastic, metal, cardboard and paper wherever possible.

Be a part of the solution! ask for a list of available green materials for your next project.

green earth

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